The very basic room equipped with minimal set of guaranteed amenities such as WiFi, Air Conditioning, Safe Drinking Water, Tea/Coffee, etc. required for your daily team meetings or a client discussion in a quiet and peaceful environment of a professional workspace. These rooms do not boast of world class amenities and therefore will not be heavy on your pocket too. Starting from Rs. 200/hr or 1400/day with a seating capacity starting from 4 to 40 people, the cost of conducting a meeting at a professional venue of Rs. 350/person for a day is just unbelievably pocket-friendly. Book now before they get sold out.


Training in India is mostly professional in nature, so are the rooms that we provide. Starting from a very basic seating capacity of 15 to a huge auditorium that can accommodate around 500 attendees, we got you covered for every training event in the country. Training Rooms offer a wide array of amenities with them, like Air Conditioning, Projector or LED TV, White Board, Sound System (Mic and Speakers), WiFi and Safe Drinking Water starting from Rs. 500/hour or 3500/day.


As the name suggest, these rooms are perfect for board meeting. Believe it or not, they are the fantasy of every corporate and the unmatched comfort these plush chairs provide to you would just be unforgettable. These rooms are equipped with facilities of top notch quality and the aura of the room will make you more and more productive by every hour that you spend here. With Projector/LED TV, Tea/Coffee served to the room, Centrally controlled Air Conditioning, Carpet Flooring, Plush Chairs and Table, these are perfect for your board meetings starting at Rs. 1200/hr or 8400/day with a seating capacity ranging from 8 to 25 people.


A small yet quirky room that is able to accommodate anywhere around 2 to 5 people. Interview Rooms are designed for in-depth conversations and to have the undivided attention of the interviewee. These rooms are equipped with a set of standard amenities such as WiFi, Tea/Coffee, Air Conditioning, Safe Drinking Water, Stationary and sometimes, a glass board table. Starting at Rs. 200/hour or Rs. 1400/hour.


Have a business meeting with overseas client or want to conduct a crucial team meeting with all your overseas teams and you don't trust the security or the connectivity of a traditional internet call, we have Video Conferencing Facility for you. With 0% downtime and crystal clear AV quality, all because of transmission through a dedicated line, we are sure you would never be disappointed again due to frequent disconnections or blurry video. With a seating capacity ranging from 5 to 25 people, VC Room starting from 3000/hr.


Virtual offices are a part of the company culture that provides business with services and various other factors aiding the working of the company without involving the capital expenses that are incurred upon running a physical commercial space. To put it in more simple terms, you can run your business without a traditional office. This means that you save up on the expenditure that you spend on running an actual office.


Be it a product launch, or a News Conference, or a meetup, Event spaces are required by everyone at some point of time in their life to celebrate the big moment. These events are a landmark in the timeline of your life and so should be the space where you organize them. Be it an open unfurnished hall, or with a seating arrangement or with an exhibition space for every startup, we will make sure you have an amazing event. Just book a space starting from 2000/hr or 14000/day and we'll get you started right away.



Incredible prices on all Spaces.


We’re always here for you – reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ample parking,LCD display,projector,Mic+Sound system,snacks


Book your space before 30 min of your requirement


Tea/coffee*,stationary,print/scan/copy,drinking water,WIFI,AC,whiteboard


Pay in EMI/Pay in later using cards/cardless(Zest Money,OLA postpaid,e Pay later,Paytm postpaid)


A brand that has catered to MNC's corporates,freelancers,startups


Upto 22% for fullday booking and 12.5% for halfday booking.


Spaces present in close proximity of metro stations and popular bus stops


Upto 6 hours of booking start time



  • Totally rely on them for all our training room and Video conference room requirements. One-stop solution for our on-demand office needs. They have been able to deliver well till date.
  • Vijaya Reddy


  • We had our Gurgaon Chefs Training & Development Programme at an InstaSpaces Training facility. They understood our requirements, and suggested a perfectly suitable space in Sector 44 Gurgaon. I want to thank you guys for making the training a success, and we loved the space and service.
  • Isha Pandit


  • InstaSpaces Team is truly Insta.They provided us solution for Virtual office for GST solutions for 16 states at lighting fast pace.The team is responsive and thoroughly professional.
  • Avinash Khanna


  • I needed a meeting room for a client meeting urgent, came across InstaSpaces contact number on google search. They understood my requirements fully, and provided a perfectly suitable meeting room in South Delhi. I completely rely on them for my meetings from that day onwards.
  • Arjun Nair


  • We have good expereicne of working with InstaSpaces for last three years. Great venues suiting any kind of requirments. Professional team, hassle free and productive experience at their venues.
  • Gaurav Gaba


  • My entire team banks on InstaSpaces for our training room requirements since years now. The support team is amazing and responsive. Their venues are top-notch most of the times.
  • Nicola Mendes


  • Productive training room venues along with prompt service. Keep adding to the collection of professional venues to your platform. Thumbs up to your support team.
  • Masood Ali Sarwar


  • We needed GST registrations for our business in 10 states. Our colleague recommended Instaspaces from her past experience. When I communicated with their customer service I found them knowledgeable and fast, they satisfied my requirements and were quick with the documentation process.
  • sarala


  • Zero Headache of my Meeting, Everything manage by Instaspaces & hotel management. I definitely recommend.
  • Mandeep Singh


  • We hope 5 is the Best We appreciate the service and support being given by and specially the rates offered with such a high quality gesture from Prafull and team. Please be ready for same venue same protocol every month, We hope the service will be either same or better.
  • Atul Arora


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Why is account registration required?

Account registration at is only required if you book a workplace. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.

What all kind of spaces does InstaSpaces offer?

We offer a wide range of Workplaces that suits your need i.e. Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Coworking, Office, Hot Desks, Interview Room, Day Office, Cabin, Rent Office, Office space for startups, Business Centre, Shared Offices, Serviced Offices on short term basis.

Currently where do InstaSpaces offer a Workplace?

InstaSpaces currently provides you with numerous workplaces in Delhi NCR to work from.


Who can list their spaces on

Any registered user, who understands our basic sets of promises, which we make to our customers, and can deliver them, is genuine and appealing can visit PartnerWith Us.

How much do I get from each Booking?, we work on commission based revenue model. When you get a booking from us, we deduct our share from the booking and pay you the rest of the amount.

I want to list my space - what are the steps?

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is: Send us the details of your workplace at Partner With Us.Also for better chances of getting verified send us some pictures of your workspace at [email protected] We'll get back to you with further details and procedures, that we generally follow to verify each and every workplace.This step usually takes about 24 hours.

Why list my space here?

There are a number of reasons why you should partner with us:No front-end cost for listing. We do the listing for you, publicize your place and generate revenue for your place without even a single effort from your part.We provide you with clients that are verified through us and have a legitimate social and professional is an on-demand platform and hence, we don't focus much on providing you with long-term tenants for your place but we guarantee you that you can benefit 2.5 times from the unutilised inventory of your workplace by selling it in smaller units.

When do I get paid?

Our standard payment plan provides for fortnightly payments. At the 1st and 15th of each month, all accumulated funds are transferred to your account.There's no minimum amount to be accumulated for the transfer.

I was asked to write a review about a client?How does it work? features a unique 2-way Review Mechanism. Once a client leaves your workplace, you are asked to review the client. A review is also done by the client about you and their experience at your place. And the final ratings help us to decide and control the overall experience of both the parties. If, you or the client continuously receive low ratings, their user registration gets cancelled on our platform and they are debarred.


I want to book a workplace - what are the steps?

Booking a workplace on is really simple. Each workplace has a set of real images. You get, what you see. Once you have selected a workplace, which is to your liking, you can quickly and securely pay the amount.Once the transaction is complete, you get a confirmation for your booking delivered to your registered mail.

What to expect at an InstaSpaces?

Each InstaSPaces offer you a set of Brand Promises Essentials: Tea & Coffee, Markers, Whiteboards, Fast & Reliable WIFI, Peace of Mind, Standardised Pricing, 6 Hour Cancellation Policy 30 Minutes Service Promise: Anything goes wrong, give us 30 minutes to fix it.

What are the payment options?

The best way to transfer funds is via online bank transfer. This ensures timely payments and a secure environment.

How will i come to know of the exact address?

Once you get a confirmation mail, sit back and relax. Your slot for the workplace has been booked. The venue details will be sent to you via SMS upto 5 hours prior to your Booking Start Time and, in the case of early morning bookings you'll get the details by previous night.

How to extend a booking?

We understand that at times, you may have requirement to extend your bookings, make a booking from our app or website, also you can give us a call to get it done without any hassles. We guarantee you our brand promises throughout your meetings.

What is the Cancellation Policy at InstaSpaces? What is the Refund process? provides you with a No Question asked Fully-Refundable Booking Fees upto 6 hours from the Booking Start Time If you qualify for a refund, the whole Booking Amount will be refunded to your account within 5 Working days.

What if we have a custom requirement?

Head over to our PageNeed Space and post your custom requirement. It won't take even a second more than a minute to fill in your requirements. We would be more than glad to help you out.

I was asked to write a review about a venue? How does it work? features a unique 2-way Review Mechanism. Once you leave the workplace, you are asked to review the venue and the venue partner. A review is also done by the host about you. And the final rating helps us to decide and control the overall experience of both the parties. If, you or the venue partner continuously receive low ratings, their user registration gets cancelled on our platform and they are debarred.